GAL Disabilities Training Conference - "Baker Act" is Not a Transition Plan: Real Transition Planning is Critical, Learn How to Do It Right (Video Training)

Robin Rosenberg | Deputy Director, Florida's Children First
Alexandra St. Pierre | Equal Justice Works Fellow, LAS of Palm Beach County

May 23, 2014

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Handouts: Download this Presentation (PDF) | Disabilities Case Scenarios (PDF) | Transition Chart (PDF) | Transition Resources (PDF) | Common Issues Resources (PDF) | ChildNet Transition Plan (PDF) | Camelot ILS Transition Plan (PDF) | Foster Club Transition Toolkit (PDF) | On Your Own, But Not Alone (PDF) | Transition Booklet (PDF) | Project 10 Brochure (PDF) | Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities, A Guide for Familes (PDF) | School to Work Transition (PDF) | FAAST Resource and Self-Help Guide (PDF) | Know Your Rights: Money (PDF) | Choosing the Right Employment Network for You (PDF) | Lighting the Way to Guardianship and Other Decision-Making Alternatives (PDF)

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