Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking in the Workplace

Robin Hassler Thompson, JD MA - Executive Director, Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center | Graciela Marquina - Community Services Advocate, STAC

March 18, 2022

Training Description

Sex and labor trafficking victims, adults and youth, are trafficked and exploited in plain sight, including at our area businesses and workplaces. How can we as employees, managers, workers and customers recognize and respond to trafficking situations in ways that protect trafficking victims and the workplace? Children and adults who are trafficked and who are vulnerable to being trafficked need the eyes and ears of our community’s workforce to know how to recognize trafficking situations and to support them. This webinar is an interactive and live presentation of the online STACPRO training program and will provide vital information for: anyone working in an office, advocates, child welfare, businesses like restaurants or retail establishments, non-profit agencies, the faith community, the justice system, social services and any organization large or small. While STACPRO is now available online, and on demand, the advantage of attending this program LIVE is that you will be able to ask questions and participate with one other attendees throughout.