2021 QPI National Conference: Kin-First Systems and QPI

Lydia Cooper - Supervisor of Caregiver & Staff Training, A Second Chance,Inc. (ASCI) | Tina Jefferson - Bureau Chief of Child Welfare, Department of Children and Families | Mitch Matthews - Case Worker, Washoe County Human Services Agency | Jessika Holmes - Relative Caregiver | Debra LaBeouf - Kinship Navigator, Heartland for Children | Phyllis Stevens - Community Voice Advocacy Coordinator, Youth Law Center

May 25, 2021

Training Description

A kin-first approach to foster care is an important element of building a relationship-based system. It takes more than a philosophical commitment to put kin first: kin have unique needs that systems must address in order to support them in providing excellent care for children. In this session we’ll hear from kinship caregivers and QPI site leaders about innovative ways to meet kinship caregivers’ needs using the values and principles of QPI.