2021 QPI National Conference: Quality Parenting Outreach: Using Technology to Transform Foster Care

Tracy Keys - Engagement Manager, Akido Labs, Inc. | Diana Macis - Protective Services, Program Manager, County of San Diego Health and Human Services | Kate Rickord - Senior Director of Treatment & Foster Care, St. David Center | Cecilia Rivas - Implementation Manager, Quality Parenting Initiative

May 26, 2021

Training Description

Early in the pandemic, several QPI sites rapidly identified and responded to families’ emergency needs through a pilot of a text-based data collection system that we now call Quality Parenting Outreach (QPO). QPO has evolved into a tool to strengthen relationships with families and ensure QPI implementation on the ground. Through 1-minute surveys, sites are receiving feedback on everything from birth and foster parent partnership to customer service issues, and addressing responses on the individual and systems levels. In this session you’ll hear from sites about their experiences with QPO and the information they’re learning.