Everything is Connected: Development Trauma and Caregiver Self-Care in Foster and Adoptive Settings (Part 1)

Frank Grijalva - Co-director, Midwest Trauma Services Network

April 02, 2016

Training Description

Developmental Trauma and caregiver self- care in foster and adoptive settings is the focus of this session. Our presenter discusses how to change behaviors in children that come from trauma backgrounds while building healthy relationships. He explains several theoretical frameworks, and how understanding psychological trauma is critical for helping kids. Developmental trauma and PTSD are often diagnosed as ASD, ADHD and other disorders. These issues are also connected to academic achievement as well as other behaviors. Our presenter teaches skills to help you understand yourself and use compassion and self-care to provide an environment that helps kids heal in relationships. He emphasizes the importance of practicing these skills and using these strategies for creating attachments and realizing success.