Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Awareness and Identification

Deena Graves, Deena Graves Consulting

February, 2016

Training Description

Did you know that foster care is a pipeline for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children? Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar global industry, involving over 100,000 children in the United States. After drug trafficking and counterfeiting, it is the world’s most profitable criminal activity. This training is specifically designed for foster parents, relative caregivers, and others working with youth in out-of-home care as a first step in combatting the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. We are working to raise awareness of the crisis at hand and increasing your ability to identify commercially sexually exploited children. You will learn - Awareness about what and where it is happening - Understanding about why are our children in foster care so vulnerable and how they can be influenced by a trafficker; - Identification of the warning signs; the ability to spot red flags that indicate a child is being sexually exploited. Deena Graves is a National Speaker on the topic and provides an overview of the epidemic and what is currently underway to build awareness and identification of the children pulled into the web of “human trafficking”.