About the Quality Parenting Initiative & Being a 21st Century Foster Parent

Carole Shauffer, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives - Youth Law Center

Training Description

The Florida Partnership Plan calls for caregivers and agency staff to partner together to assist birth parents in improving their ability to care for and protect their children, and further provides that partners will act in a supportive and respectful manner that allows children to maintain ties to their family. While the words "coparenting" are not used in the Partnership Plan, the expectations are clear; coparenting is an essential element to providing quality parenting to children. Successful coparenting requires a partnership with agency staff, caregivers and birth families. This training will answer the following questions: What are the foundational principles of coparenting? Are those principles supportive of child development and trauma sensitive practices? What are the challenges to implementing coparenting practices? What are the successes of implementing coparenting practices? What role do agency staff, caregivers, and birth parents play in successful coparenting? How can coparenting be implemented in your local QPI site?