From Group Care to Family Life: Supporting the Transition

Dr. Toni Heineman - Founder and Director, A Home Within

October 15, 2015

Training Description

From her 30 years of knowledge and experience working with foster children, Dr. Heineman shares her insight into the two worlds foster children who are transitioning from a group home setting into a family home must reconcile: one where consequences are generally governed by rules and privileges and the other where "it's all about relationships," as Dr. Heineman often says.

Dr. Heineman gives us an overview of how trauma affects a child's development, behavior, ability to negotiate rules and expectations, and build relationships. She also provides guidance on how to navigate a number of key phases in the successful transition from group care to a new foster family, including how to help youth understand a family's unique culture and unspoken agreements; how to set consistent expectations; how to manage the inevitable limit-testing; and how to reassure youth who have been bounced from placement to placement that "this time it's real".