Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Part 1

April Lott, LCSW - President & CEO, Directions for Living

April 19, 2018

Training Description

In this workshop, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome. This workshop will positively shape their reactions to, and develop their ability to better support and advocate for children who disclose sexual abuse. Statistically, child victims of sexual abuse routinely face secondary trauma (including disbelief, blame and rejection) from adults in the course of disclosing their experience. Such abandonment by the very adults most crucial to a child’s protection drives the child deeper into self-blame and alienation. In an attempt to prevent such re-victimization within our own system of care, this workshop will introduce evidence that shows children exposed to sexual assault often react very differently than expected. This workshop will educate by breaking down the syndrome into its five categories and will improve understanding of the child’s position in the complex dynamics of sexual victimization.