Restoring Human Trafficking Survivors Through Restitution

Jose Lewis Alfaro - Lived Experience Expert on Domestic Child Sex Trafficking | Martina Vandenburg - Founder and President, Human Trafficking Legal Center

May 20, 2022

Training Description

Victims of human trafficking face numerous obstacles to justice. Under federal law, mandatory restitution for trafficking survivors -- compensation in a criminal trafficking case -- is mandatory. But restitution is rarely ordered, and even more infrequently collected. Many survivors find their experience in the criminal justice system re-victimizing. They are forced to navigate complex victims' compensation and criminal justice systems without legal representation. Human trafficking laws have provided both child and adult victims with some protections, but there are still hurdles for many victims looking to rebuild their lives. Survivors have the right to bring civil suits, but this process may be confusing and intimidating. Please join us for a discussion with a lived-experience expert of domestic child sex trafficking to learn more about navigating the legal system in pursuit of justice.