Florida Group Care Providers and the Implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act

Tanisha Lee, MMFT CWLC - Statewide Child-Caring and Child-Placing Licensing Specialist | Zandra Odum, MEd - Project Coordinator

December 10, 2019

Training Description

The Family First Prevention Services Act was passed into law on February 9, 2018 as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. FFPSA will require substantial changes to the Department's current child welfare practices due to the limitation of Title IV-E reimbursement for congregate care. FFPSA’s effective date is October 1, 2018, however, the State of Florida has elected to delay implementation until October 1, 2021. FFPSA implementation will further limit Title IV-E funding for children receiving services in congregate based care by restricting foster care maintenance payments after 14 days for children who are not in an FFPSA qualified setting. As a part of the Department’s FFPSA implementation plan, the Office of Child Welfare will communicate the provisions set forth in this Act and the impact to future group care setting types, Florida Administrative Code, and Florida Statutes. The purpose of this webinar is to share information with Department licensed group care providers and other community partners on the Department’s FFPSA implementation planning activities including the anticipated changes to Department licensed group care setting types and revisions to policies.