Advocating to End Human Trafficking: Justice, Equality, and Economic Security for All

Robin Thompson, JD MA - Executive Director, Survive and Thrive Adovcacy Center | Cecka Rose Green, CPM - Regional Executive Director, Children's Home Society of Florida | Sabrina Rodriguez De Conte - STAC Board Member, FSU College of Law Class of 2021 | Pastor Douglas Harris - STAC Board Member, Midway Unity Fellowship Church

October 16, 2020

Training Description

Human trafficking does not happen in a vacuum – it is a reality keenly felt by those who are most vulnerable on account of inequality, age, discrimination, violence, and economic insecurity, and who often lack access to healthcare, education, good jobs, and other social supports. Children are particularly vulnerable and at-risk. Connecting the dots between societal inequality and human trafficking victimization is easy: creating change in a world rife with inequity is not. This program will explore ways all of us can make a difference to support the vulnerable and help build a better and more just world for those at-risk for being trafficked. We will also highlight actions we can all take and to help prevent trafficking and support child and adult survivors to heal and thrive during this time of COVID-19 and beyond.