Human Trafficking and Healthcare: Recognition, Response, and Referral

Suzzanne Harrison, MD FAAFP FAMWA - Professor and Director of Clinical Programs, Florida State University College of Medicine | Graciela Marquina, MSW - Victim Assistance Director, Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center | Robin Hassler Thompson, JD MA - Co-Founder and Executive Director, Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center | Allison Wiman, RN BSN MPH - Executive Director, Big Bend AHEC

May 21, 2021

Training Description

Telemedicine has exploded in availability since the onset of COVID-19 and, like many innovations from 2020, this one is likely to stay with us. Knowing this, how can today’s world of telemedicine be safe and effective for surivors of human trafficking? What are the issues that healthcare providers need to know when assisting child and adult survivors in person, as well as during telehealth visits? Can providers make sure that confidentiality and safety are maintained, and how can providers build trust and ensure that the healthcare needs of their patients are addressed? What are the providers’ responsibilities regarding children and mandatory reporting? Is insurance available for human trafficking survivors in the ACA/health insurance marketplace? How can service providers, child welfare organizations, and community members support survivors’ physical and mental health needs during the pandemic and afterward? Using both lecture and role play scenarios, these questions and more will be answered during this program.