Supporting Trafficking Survivors: In Collaboration

Robin Hassler Thompson - Executive Director, STAC | Vania Aguilar - Program Manager, Center for the Advancement of Human Rights | Justin Barfield - Outreach and Development Director, CCYS | J'ere Clark - Child Protective Investigator, Florida Department of Children and Families | Charlie Jackson - Regional Advocate, Whole Child Leon/Open Doors Outreach Network | Graciela Marquina - Community Services Advocate, STAC | David Oliver - Florida Deputy Director, International Rescue Committee

November 19, 2021

Training Description

The experiences of human trafficking survivors and their life stories are unique and vary greatly –simply put,everyone is different. How sex and labor trafficking survivors are supported within their communities depends on that person’s needs,community resources, how effectively we can collaborate, and many other factors. This presentation uses scenarios based on actual human trafficking situations to focus in-depth on some of the local programming that supports adult and minor survivors of both sex and labor trafficking in Florida’s Big Bend. We also will identify service gaps and brainstorm ways to best meet sex and labor trafficking survivors’ needs.