Human Trafficking: Working with Under-Served Populations

Robin Thompson, JD MA - STAC Executive Director, The Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center | Marina Anderson - DCF Regional Human Trafficking Coordinator, Florida Department of Children and Families | Graciela Marquina, MSW - STAC Victim Assistance Director, The Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center | Lashawn Gordon - Director of Membership & Engagement, United Partners for Human Service

May 15, 2020

Training Description

This training provides an overview of human trafficking and how it affects under-served populations as well as intersects with sexual and domestic violence. This program also helps participants build on their expertise in working within their specific communities as well as highlight challenges posed during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Case examples of both sex and labor trafficking are used to illustrate what constitutes human trafficking and how to best identify and respond to survivors. Specific topics to be covered include the importance of understanding and implementing trauma-informed approaches, confidentiality, intersections with child welfare and the impacts on children and families, working with law enforcement, resources, and building community responses.