It Takes a Village: Ending Human Trafficking in Our Community

Robin Hassler Thompson, JD MA - Executive Director, The Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center (STAC) | Justin Barfield - Development Director, CCYS | Sheriff Walt McNeil - Leon County Sheriff | Graciela Marquina - Community Services Advocate, STAC | Heidi Otway - President, SaltMitchell PR; Former Chair, Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce | Nick Quinton, PhD - Associate Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

October 15, 2021

Training Description

No one agency, profession, system, or single community can do all that is needed to end human trafficking – everyone has a role. And, because sex and labor trafficking are so hidden and more common than people understand, it is imperative that we all act. This program will feature a wide-ranging discussion of how to build, fortify, and sustain a community that opposes human trafficking, consistently builds and sustains systems that support adult and minor human trafficking survivors, and actively collaborates to prevent sex and labor trafficking.