Florida's Early Childhood Court: An Outcomes Analysis Training Video

Jie Xu - Sr. Court Analyst II, Office of Court Improvement | Leigh Merritt - Court Operations Consultant, Office of the State Courts Administrator

March 29, 2018

(No Child Welfare Professional In-service Training Hours Available)

Training Description

The Early Childhood Court (ECC) initiative has been underway in Florida for more than three years. In an effort to ensure continuous quality improvement (CQI), the Office of Court Improvement has collected data on ECC cases and recently conducted a comparative analysis of Florida's ECC children to Florida's non-ECC children. Using Florida's Dependency Court Information System, Jie Xu, Senior Court Analyst II, complied the data and developed findings regarding the safety, permanency, and well-being of children involved in ECC. This presentation provides an opportunity to hear the analysis outcomes and recommendations to enhance the ECC CQI process.

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