Results Oriented Accountability Dashboard Training Video

Ginger Griffeth, Director of Child Welfare Performance | Keith Perlman, Data and Reporting Manager, MSW

May 30, 2017

(note: this video is not eligible for relicensing hours)

Training Description

During this webinar, the Office of Child Welfare will provide an overview of the Results Oriented Accountability (ROA) background information and future vision for the Child Welfare dashboards. Through ROA, the Department of Children and Families aims to improve access to good quality data, build analytical capacity of staff to use data, take action to improve outcomes, and continue to develop a results-oriented culture of shared accountability, transparency and collaboration with a focus on research and evidence-based interventions. These child welfare dashboards marks the first of a series of releases. This session will walk-through all Child Welfare Dashboards and explain basic functionality on how to read and interact with the visualizations plus also describe how to download the underlying data. All stakeholders of the child welfare system in Florida are invited to attend and learn about the new interactive dashboards that will help all 'see and understand their data.'

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