Self-Care Panel

Catarolyn Johnson, MA - Learning and Development Facilitator, Center for Child Welfare | Chris Groeber, MSW - Instructor, USF School of Social Work | CPI Melissa Wessling - Child Protection Investigator, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office | Alison Salloum, PhD - Professor of Childhood Trauma, USF School of Social Work

May 22, 2020

Training Description

Since the pandemic, many people have not skipped a beat. Daily tasks such as organizing calendars, scheduling and attending virtual meetings have become the norm. Some have easily mastered the art of adjusting and many tasks previously thought to be complex have now become much simpler. However, others have felt paralyzed by fear or anxiety, finding themselves unable to do much of anything other than check and recheck the news. Then there is the group of individuals that are somewhere in the middle. In an effort to ensure that we’re all able to get through this pandemic, learning some practical tips such as not denying our feelings, taking breaks from social media, taking care of our bodies and creating specific spaces in our homes to work, play, relax and sleep will be beneficial.