Understanding the Toxicology of Drugs with Dependency Focus

Tate Yeatman - Crime Lab Director, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office | Rebekah Taylor - Statewide Trainer, Children's Legal Services

May 14, 2021

Training Description

Many of our dependency cases include some degree of substance abuse. While we may understand the basics of substance abuse and the effects on the parent’s functioning and behavior, understanding the testing process and effects of pharmacokinetics (the process of absorption, distribution, and elimination) and pharmacodynamics (the effects on the cognitive and psychomotor impairment) can give us a greater insight into understanding how substance abuse operates within the child welfare system. Presented by Tate Yeatman, Crime Laboratory Director for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory Toxicology of Drugs with a CLS Focus” will discuss how pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics affect our dependency cases. Mr. Yeatman has over 20 year of experience in forensic toxicology and has testified as an expert in Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Drug Chemistry.