2021 Florida FAPA Summer Annual Education Conference: Breathing Life into Legislation through Lived Experience

Amanda Cruce, LCSW - President, Florida FAPA | Carol Edwards, MSW LCSW - Training & Development Coordinator, Quality Parenting Intitative | Jamie Averett, JD CWLS - Consultant, Quality Parenting Intitative | Dan Burns - Caregiver, Northwest Region | Victoria Camper - Birth Parent, Northeast Region | Raquel Martell - Case Manager, Central Region | Marty Lowery - Youth, Central Region | Pilar Harris - CLS, Southeast Region| Jamie Franks - Guardian Ad Litem & Caregiver, Southeast Region

June 05, 2021

Training Description

Reflecting the evolving best practices in child welfare, last year the Florida Legislature enacted new legislation that promotes engagement and partnership among all stakeholders, including birth families, caregivers, and youth. This session will highlight Florida law, including the new F.S. 409.1415, that prioritizes relationships to support children in care. The session will feature a panel of lived experience experts, including caregivers, birth parents, youth, and their agency partners, who will breathe life into the new law by sharing their reflections about the impact of these relationships. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.