The System of Care Approach: Improving Outcomes for Children, Youth, and Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges and their Families

Beth A. Stroul, MEd - President, Management & Training Innovations

February 5, 2020

Training Description

This webinar provides an overview of the System of Care (SOC) approach from the national level, including:

  • Historical context that led to SOC framework development
  • Evolution of the approach
  • Effectiveness of SOC (including national outcomes at the child/family, service, and system levels)
  • SOC definition, values, principles, and philosophy
  • Ideal service array
  • SOC infrastructure
  • Strategic framework for system change
  • Application of the SOC approach to child welfare
  • Strategies to assess progress in outcomes
  • Lessons learned from national SOC implementation
This presentation will provide viewers with the context in which Kentucky’s public children’s behavioral health system operates. It sets the stage for viewers to learn more about Kentucky’s System of Care FIVE grant. This grant aims to improve the behavioral health outcomes for children and youth (birth to age 21) who meet criteria for having a serious emotional disability and their families and who have child welfare involvement. For this project, child welfare involvement includes those for whom a child abuse and/or neglect investigation results in a substantiation or services needed finding and for whom DCBS does not have custody.