Help with IEPs and 504s for Online/ Hybrid Learning

Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock, PhD JD - Educational Liaison, Clark County Department of Family Services | Ilka Fisher - Education Advocate Coordinator, Education Advocacy Program | Amy Connell - Education Legal Advocate, Education Advocacy Program | Anthony Mackenzie - Education Legal Advocate, Education Advocacy Program

September 22, 2020

Training Description

IEP and 504 Plans are critical to a child’s success in school, especially during online learning. It is important to understand what the current circumstances and effects will have on a child’s plan and what rights caregivers/children still have for continued educational success. This presentation will answer critical questions such as what caregivers and children are legally entitled to during emergency times/virtual learning, how to write/update plans with important information and supports for online/hybrid learning, and how to work with schools to support children at this time.