Parent Perspectives for System Change for QPI - Part 1

David Brown - QPI Site Coordinator | Teri Hrabovsky - Foster Parent Partner, Louisiana | Barbara Calais - Foster Parent Partner, Louisiana | Tiffany Carroll - Parent Partner, Louisiana | Raven Sigure - Parent Partner, Louisiana | Sarah Peacock - Foster Parent, Florida | Corinna Piercy - Birth Parent, Florida | Molech Blythe - Case Manager, Nevada

January 17, 2018

Training Description

This panel will give voice to the perspectives of birth parents whose children are in the child welfare system and of foster parents who are caregivers for children in that system. The session will highlight the experiences birth parents and foster parents have in being part of the child welfare system, emphasize birth parents and foster parents working together to ensure good outcomes for the children, and summarize system challenges and strategies for better supporting parent.