2019 QPI National Conference: Nurturing Adolescent Development: A Trauma-Sensitive, Resilience-Building Strategy Training Video

Kenneth Ginsburg, MD MS Ed - Director of Programs, Center for Parent and Teen Communication | Jordan Sosa - California Youth Connection | Christina Parker - California Youth Connection | Vanessa Hernandez - California Youth Connection

May 1, 2019

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Training Description

Kenneth R. Ginsburg is an internationally-renowed expert in youth development and resilience. Dr. Ginsburg's clinical practice, teaching, research, and advocacy efforts focus on translating the best of what is known from research and practice into easy-to-use approaches to build resilience in teenagers. Adolescent brain science continues to demonstrate that safe, secure, long-term relationships can rewire the brain of children who have endured adverse experiences. Dr. Ginsburg will discuss ways to combine trauma-informed practices with the core principles of positive youth development and resilience-building to ensure adolescents in foster care have the oppurtunity to heal.

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