2019 QPI Network National Conference Index

General Sessions:

  • Building the QPI Movement Through Telling a New Relationship-Based Narrative

    Presented By: Jennifer Rodriguez, JD - Executive Director, Youth Law Center

    • Storytelling is a powerful tool to make change imaginable, urgent, and realistic. Stories of successes and lessons learned through QPI can drive relationship-based practice and policy across the country. This plenary will provide participants with a framework for harnessing the power of stories in transforming foster care to a relationship-based system by redefining our most pressing problems, uniting our constituencies, and mobilizing us toward common solutions.
  • QPI National Evaluation: Early Findings and New Tools

    Presented By: Ericka M. Lewis PHD LMSW Assistant Profesor, University of Maryland

  • Nuturing Adolescent Development

  • Presented By: Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD MSEd

    • Kenneth R. Ginsburg is an internationally-renowed expert in youth development and resilience. Dr. Ginsburg's clinical practice, teaching, research, and advocacy efforts focus on translating the best of what is known from research and practice into easy-to-use approaches to build resilience in teenagers. Adolescent brain science continues to demonstrate that safe, secure, long-term relationships can rewire the brain of children who have endured adverse experiences. Dr. Ginsburg will discuss ways to combine trauma-informed practices with the core principles of positive youth development and resilience-building to ensure adolescents in foster care have the oppurtunity to heal.

Conference Workshop Videos:

  • Implementing Partnership/Relationship Practices from Policy to Impact

    Facilitator: Tracy Schiro - Quality Parenting Initiative Champion, Youth Law Center

    • System policies are developed so that children and youth receive excellent parenting. This session will address how to ensure that agency policies that support partnership and effective parenting are fully implemented in practice and are effectively monitored.

  • Relationship-Based Recruiting: Engaging Foster Parents, Birth Parents, and Youth

    Facilitator: Denise Parker - QPI Consultant, Youth Law Center

    • This session will provide concrete examples of sites that have used caregivers and others to lead efforts to recruit families to meet the needs of children and youth in the child welfare system. Participants will discuss creative approaches to engaging caregivers and youth, demonstrating how thriving partnerships are created by enabling and supporting relationships.

  • Protecting Relationships During Transitions

    Facilitator: Lucy Salcido Carter - Policy Advocate, Youth Law Center

    • This workshop focuses on the elements and implementation of effective transition plans that are coordinated to ease the transition of a child from one caregiver to another, and to maintain relationships, new and old, between the child and caregivers, relatives, and peers.

  • Supporting Stability and Avoiding Disruption

    Facilitator: Janay Eustace - QPI Consultant, Youth Law Center

    • Unplanned changes in living situation can be devastating to youth and families. Youth and caregivers will share ways to avoid disruptions and mitigate the harm that results when a change cannot be avoided.

  • Supporting Birth and Foster Parents Partners Using Mentors and Other Strategies

    Facilitator: Cathi Huerta - QPI Consultant, Youth Law Center

    • Birth Parent and Foster Parent partnerships can have a profound effect on the emotional stability of children, in addition to supporting successful reunification or permanency. Participants will discuss how to cultivate a culture in which birth and resource families work together to improve relationships, communication, and involvement in decision-making.

  • Relationship-Based Approach to Visitation: Fostering Relationships, Visitation and Just Beginning

    Facilitator: Terry Harrak - Consultant, Just Beginning, Youth Law Center

    • This session describes promising approaches and exciting new data on transforming vistiation to family time based on developmental research that not only improves the experience for families and children, but also improves relationships between birth families and caregivers and supports health development.

  • 2016 QPI National Conference: Welcome and Leadership Panel (Excerpt on Normalcy)

    Speaker: George H. Sheldon - Former Director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

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