Protecting Relationships During Transitions Training Video

Lucy Salcido Carter, MA JD - Policy Advocate, Youth Law Center/QPI | Mary Ann Pascal - Resource Parent, San Diego, California | Eddie Martinez - Intake Supervisor, Washoe County, Nevada | Raina and Zach Stetson - Foster Parents, Washoe County, Nevada | Robyn Robbins - Resource Parent, Sonoma County, California | Kayla Auzenne - Foster Care Case Manager, Lake Charles Region, Louisiana | Leslie Winters, MSW - Sectional Manager, Sonoma County, California | Ann Grubaugh, MSW - Social Worker, Sonoma County, California

April 29, 2019

Transition Plan Mission Statement | Transition Checklist and Calendar

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Training Description

This workshop focuses on the elements and implementation of effective transition plans that are coordinated to ease the transition of a child from one caregiver to another, and to maintain relationships, new and old, between the child and caregivers, relatives and peers.

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