2019 QPI National Conference: Supporting Stability and Avoiding Disruption Training Video

Janay Eustace - Quality Parenting Initiative, Youth Law Center | Vanessa Hernandez - Policy Director, California Youth Connection | Christina Parker - Policy Coordinator, California Youth Connection | Jordan Sosa - Policy Coordinator, California Youth Connection | Quijai Johnson - Member, California Youth Connection | Ashley Akerman - Statewide Foster Parent Support Coordinator (IL) | Keema Jones - Youth Fostering Change Advocate (PA) | Anthony Simpson - Youth Fostering Change Advocate (PA)

April 30, 2019

Assembly Bill 2247 | Placement Stabilization Exit Survey | Referral for Foster Parent Mentoring Services | CYC #FosterStability Campaign | FosterStability Flyer | Youth Fostering Change Permanency Toolkit |
Normaly Chart | Meet Our Family | Placement Stabilization Assessment | Play Dates Flyer | Sibling Contract: Tip Sheet | What You Need to Know About My Child |

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Training Description

Unplanned changes in living situation can be devastating to youth and families. Youth and caregivers will share ways to avoid disruptions and mitigate the harm that results when a change cannot be avoided.

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