Empowering a Better Pathway

Judy Webber - Deputy Director, Human Services Agency

May 7, 2019

Training Description

This video is an excerpt from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors Public meeting held May 7, 2019. “California’s core model is to empower a pathway where birthparents and resource parents work together for the good of the teens and children in care. We believe that if we are not having courageous, difficult conversations with our resource families and birth families then we are not moving forward, so we are empowering our resource families to work side-by-side with our bio parents to help them overcome all the adversities that have brought them into care in the first place and to reunite families when that is possible. We are here today to honor the amazing resource families who support strengthening VC families. This video highlights a few of these special families who have greatly shared their stories about what it means to be a resource parent and what other potential families can expect.”