Developing Respectful Partnerships through Customer Service

Jamie G. Averett, JD CWLS - Consultant, Quality Parenting Initiative | Kim Daugherty - Chief Operations Officer, Heartland for Children

March 27, 2019

Training Description

Walt Disney World, Publix, and The Ritz-Carlton are examples of a few companies that have embraced customer service models and have established excellent customer service reputations. While the function of child welfare is much different from retail and service sectors, there is much to learn from these customer service leaders on how to engage customers and establish a reputation of excellence. Excellent customer service does not happen by accident. It is created through a purposeful, systematic approach of organizational leadership, relationship building, and process refinement. Excellent customer service has the potential to positively impact the well-being and outcomes for children removed from their homes. Kimberly Daugherty will lead this discussion and answer critical questions about implementing excellent customer service: What does research shows about implementing a customer service based approach? How is customer service defined in child welfare? How do you become a customer service PRO? What are the best practice tips for engaging in quality customer service? As Florida's Child Welfare System works in partnership to accomplish the mission of all children having excellent parenting, we invite you to join us as we begin to explore the concepts of creating a culture of customer service within our child welfare communities and in turn, providing excellent parenting for all of our children.