Ages of Grief (QPI Training Video)

Vicky Tidman - Program Coordinator, Department of Social Services, County of Orange, Virginia

June 28, 2018

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

California Florida (Child Welfare Professional)
Cuyahoga County (OH) Florida (Foster Parent)

Training Description

Workshop will provide foster/adoptive parents an opportunity to look at the well understood "stages of grief" but in a new lens of understanding how those stages overlap with the developmental "ages" of this population. The impact of placement changes, abuse, and trauma all result in a child grieving for something that they do not have. These children feel that everyone around them is able to function in a "normal" and happy reality. The anger and depression often define how others perceive them. Participants will learn how they can equip their children to prepare for these feelings and to process their experiences, based on their developmental age.

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