Disruption: Prevention and Intervention Training Video

Eileen Mayer Pasztor, DSW - Trainer/Curriculum Developer, Child Welfare League of America | Eshele Williams, PsyD LMFT - Trainer/ Consultant, Child Welfare League | Marcus Stallworth, LMSW - Child Welfare League of America

June 28, 2018

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

Nevada Florida (Foster Parent)
Cuyahoga County (OH)

Training Description

Disruptions between children and their foster families are painful and often traumatic for everyone involved. This is especially true for the children who most often have experienced multiple traumas already. This workshop will present best practices to identify early warning signs of potential disruptions strategies to help prevent disruptions, and when they do occur, interventions that support the children and all members of the family. The implications for birth parents and agency staff are also addressed. The session content is based upon the CWLA PRIDE Model of Practice to Develop and Support Resource Parents as Team Members in Child Protection and Trauma-Informed Care of Children.

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