Preparing Your Family Before an Emergency (QPI Training Video)

Megan Carugno, MA - Trainer, Foster and Adoptive Family Services

June 30, 2018

Fire Safety - Have Two Ways Out | FAFS Emergency Preparedness Kit | 5 Tips to Keep Your Portable Generator Ready | When the Earth Shakes | Escape Plan Grid (PDF) | FEMA Checklist (PDF) | FEMA Family Emergency Plan (PDF) | American Red Cross: Pet Safety (PDF)

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

Nevada Florida (Child Welfare Professional)
Florida (Foster Parent) Cuyahoga County (OH)

Training Description

This is an introduction to the basics for disaster preparedness. Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere, and chaos can ensue. Add to this having to follow the rules of your foster care agency it becomes even more difficult. Though emergency situations can be unpredictable steps can be taken to help your family survive and persevere the immediate danger.

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