Your Future, Your Finances (QPI Training Video)

Denishia Sword - Communications and Outreach Manager, Florida Department of Financial Services | Savannah Sullivan - Communications Specialist, Florida Department of Financial Services

April 19, 2017

Monthly Spending Plan | Spending Plan Example | Needs & Wants Worksheet | Ignition Guide

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

California Florida (Child Welfare Professional)
Nevada Florida (Foster Parent)
Cuyahoga County (OH)

Training Description

The Department of Financial Services' Division of Consumer Services presents 'Your Future, Your Finances,' a workshop for teens and the people who care for them to discuss how spending, saving and credit will affect a young person's future. Learn how to determine needs and wants; complete and follow a spending plan; discover how credit scores are affected by your payment habits; and find out how to use a free credit report to protect your identity. Download the worksheets to follow along with the presentation and create your own spending plan. Join us and find your path to a future of financial security.

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