Maintaining Respectful Partnerships in a Time of Crisis: Investigations

Carol Edwards - Consultant, Quality Parenting Initiative | Attari Hall - Child Safety Specialist, Florida Department of Children and Families | Coleen LaCosta - F.A.S.T. Coordinator, Florida Foster Adoptive Parent Association

April 25, 2019

Training Description

The Florida Department of Children and Families Partnership Plan provides that we are all responsible for the wellbeing of children and recognizes that we must undertake this responsibility together in a respectful partnership, as none of us can succeed by ourselves. However, working in partnership during times of crisis, particularly during an investigation of a caregiver, can become very difficult. In the spirit of the partnership plan, stakeholders worked together with the Florida Department of Children and Families to develop a new approach to handling investigations of caregivers. The overarching goal of a new approach is to ensure investigations are conducted in a manner that strengthens families to support the children that are placed in their care, and to avoid children experiencing unnecessary trauma. This process requires our agency to look within our own system of care at the responsiveness of the agency to meet the needs of the child and the caregiver.