My Lice Story Part 1 (QPI Training Video)

Karrell Miller, RN -

July 13, 2017

Facts of Lice Handout | Do it Yourself Handout

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California Nevada
Cuyahoga County (OH) Florida (Foster Parent)

Training Description

"I originally started nursing in 2004 as an Operating Room nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa. Eventually, I had children and became a full time stay at home mom, raising my two daughters Sophie and Olivia. When Sophie got lice, like many parents, I struggled for weeks getting rid of these pesky critters. Eventually, I found a lady who removed the bugs and eggs in one treatment. I decided to train where she trained: The Shepherd Institute in West Palm Beach, FL and I became certified in Pediculosis (head lice). There are many ways to remove head lice, but I like the Shepherd method the best because anyone, with patience, can learn to do the method and treat their child without breaking the bank or using potentially harmful chemicals." Karrell will also teach us how to be trauma sensitive as well as special considerations for children with ASD and sensory issues

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