Live the Dream and Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent Today!

Michael Rogers - Foster & Adoptive Parent

June 30, 2018

Training Description

WARNING: SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE... Increased contact with tiny people bodily fluids, watching people count your children as you walk by, crunching the numbers to see if driving an uber to work will let you afford a housekeeper, a working knowledge of the legal system equivalent to a law degree, evaluating the laundry pile and wondering if there are other people living in your home that you haven't met yet, slowly watching your former friendships fade away, a fading memory of the inside of a restaurant with cloth napkins, driving a vehicle frequently mistaken for public transit, "camping" in the back yard to avoid the packing ritual, that feeling like you're a zoo animal on display every time you leave the house, eye-rolls when people at the grocery call you a "saint," countless bedtime hugs and kisses, becoming a voice for the voiceless, introducing the concept of unconditional love for the very first time, the immense satisfaction that you are living your life on purpose and doing the most good you possibly can. Michael is transparent and fearless in the telling of his journey of loving kids in hard places. Laugh and be encouraged by the truth of this purpose and calling we have that is bigger than ourselves.