The Impact of Fostering and Adoption on Birth Children - Part 2 (QPI Training Video)

Eshele Williams, PsyD LMFT - Trainer/Consultant, Child Welfare League of America

June 29, 2018

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Cuyahoga County (OH) Florida (Foster Parent)

Training Description

This double workshop addresses the impact of fostering and adopting on birth children of foster and adoptive parents. Presenter will provide insight into the challenges that birth children experience as their family dynamics change. Part 1 - Presenters will share a personal story as the birth child of kinship, foster, and adoptive parents and integrate that experience with research conducted on birth children’s perspectives. Part 2 - A major focus is how to assess and ensure supports for birth children as their families engage in fostering and/or adopting. There will be opportunity for participants to meet in small groups to share strategies for addressing this challenge.

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