The Trauma Informed Classroom: Using Emotional Regulatory Healing in the Schools (QPI Training Video)

Denise Rice, MSW LCSW LAC - Therapist, Trainer, Consultant - HOPEful Healing Training and Consultation, LLC

June 29, 2018

Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms | Fostering Families Article | Nadine Burke Harris - TED Talk | Additional Resources

Quiz link will be available here at the end of the training for the states/counties below:

California Florida (Child Welfare Professional) Florida (Foster Parent)
Nevada Cuyahoga County (OH)

Training Description

Based on an article written by Denise Rice, LCSW in the September 2013 issue of Fostering Families Magazine, this workshop will outline the core principles of Emotional Regulatory Healing and how to incorporate this paradigm into the educational system. Foster, kinship and adoptive parents of children with trauma histories are encouraged to attend and brainstorm practical ways to advocate for their children’s needs in the schools, using trauma sensitive language and suggestions.

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