ICPC 101 for Case Managers

Shawna Barnes - Deputy Compact Administrator, ICPC, Nevada Division of Children and Family Services | Jamie Averett - Quality Parenting Initiative Consultant, Youth Law Center | Karen Washington, Compact Administrator, ICPC, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services | Mical Peterson - Deputy Compact Administrator, ICPC, Minnesota Department of Human Services

April 5, 2019

Training Description

The Interstate Compact for Placement of Children (ICPC) can pose many challenges to child welfare case managers. This webcast is designed to help case management have a better understanding of the ICPC, and to answer many common questions case managers have about the ICPC. What does ICPC mean? What does it actually do? How does the process work? What regulations are important to know? What are my responsibilities as a case manager? How can I ensure the ICPC process is most efficient? Please join our national experts as we explore the basics of ICPC for case managers and learn how to ensure the ICPC process is most efficient to ensure permanency for children. If you have any general questions you would like to ask, you can send your questions to javerett@qpiylc.org. Please note that specific questions related to a particular situation will not be appropriate for this forum, and only general questions will be responded to.