Securing the "Most Connected" Placements: A Tool for Advocacy Training Video

Virginia Corrigan, ESQ - Youth Law Center | Jennifer Pokempner, ESQ - Juvenile Law Center

May 23, 2019

Congregate Care Toolkit | Sample Language for Briefs

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Training Description

The Family First Act presents a challenge for advocates and policy makers to reorient the child welfare system to prioritize and support young peoples connections with family. This challenge is reflected in one of the most promising and exciting aspects of the law: incentives to reduce the use of group care and support youths connection to family and community. Systems and advocates should work to ensure that young people are not placed in group care and instead are supported in the most connected placement settings where they can be with family or individuals who can provide nurture and care as a parent would. The challenge is to both eliminate group care and to provide and build where they do not exist, the services, supports and resources families and caregivers need to parent youth. JLC and YLC have released Advocating for the Most Connected Placement: A Guide to Reducing the Use of Group Care. In this webinar we will present the Guide, its purpose, and show participants how it can be used in their advocacy.

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