Navigating Special Education During COVID-19: California Tips for Families and Systems Advocates

Jasmine Miller, ESQ - Youth Law Center | Cheryl Theis - Education Advocate, Disability Rights Education and Defense

May 19, 2020

Training Description

Although this is a time of great uncertainty, children and youth in foster care with disabilities have a continuing right to the educational opportunities other students receive and to the services, supports, technology and consultation with caregivers needed to help them reach their goals. This webinar provides parents and caregivers information about the state of special education during COVID-19, with a focus on practical tips on how to communicate with schools about their child's needs and work with teachers and providers to implement services. Participants will leave with an understanding of their child's educational rights, the responsibilities of the school district, and collaborative strategies for ensuring that their child's needs are met, ranging from advocacy (remind the school district of its special responsibilities to foster youth!) to practice (ask to meet with an occupational therapist in a park while maintaining social distance!).