2016 Child Protection Summit: Allegations Of Medical Neglect - Checking The Facts Training Video

Bruce McIntosh, M.D. - Co-Interim Statewide Medical Director, Child Protection Team System | Anne Elliot, M.D. - Assistant Professor, University of Florida | Sandra Shapiro, MSN, ARNP, CNL - Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Child Protection Team System | Emmanuel Peña, D.O., F.A.A.P. - Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellow, First Coast Child Protection Team

September 9, 2016

Download Attachments:
Asthma Checklist (PDF) | Dental Neglect Checklist (PDF) | Diabetes Checklist (PDF) | Eczema Checklist (PDF) | FTT - Bottle Feeding Checklist (PDF) | FTT - Breast Feeding Checklist (PDF) | Medically Complex Child Follow Up Checklist (PDF) | Medically Complex Child Intake Checklist (PDF) | Obesity Checklist (PDF) | What is DKA - Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Video)

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