2017 Child Protection Summit: Suspensions, Expulsions, Arrests and Baker Act, Oh No!

Ann Siegel, ESQ - Director of Advocacy, Education and Outreach, Disability Rights Florida | Felicia Jordan, ESQ - Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Florida

August 30, 2017

Training Description

This workshop will inform participants about students with disabilities who exhibit behavioral and/or sensory issues that result in an increased risk for disciplinary actions, such as suspensions, expulsions, arrests, or Baker Acts. Specific topics covered include: the appropriate supports and services necessary to prepare students to gain educational benefits from school; teaching youth the skills necessary for independent living, college or career readiness and the advocacy tools required to ensure the student’s rights are protecte4d; use of restraint and seclusion and how to keep the student safe. The presentation will consist of case scenarios with dialogue between the presenters and the live audience to identify the issues and how to effectively advocate to resolve concerns regarding federal, state and case law, and board rules.