2018 Child Protection Summit: Advocating and Empowering Through the Eyes of Our Families

Kimberly Nester - Statewide Family & Youth Coordinator, Department of Children and Families, Children's Mental Health System of Care | Elizabeth Phillips - Director of the Office of Youth and Family Advocacy, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice | Bailey Wright - Youth | Devontae Bartlett - Youth | Q Burton - Former Youth | Marsha Foster - Foster Parent

September 6, 2018

Training Description

"Family engagement" has become a household phrase. So many of us are committed to engaging and working with our families. However, despite our best efforts, we still come across roadblocks and barriers that seem to hinder the positive outcomes we hope for. This interactive workshop will focus on best practices to structure family and youth engagement in our systems and create meaningful partnerships with the individuals we serve. The presenters will moderate an interactive panel workshop where real families (biological, foster, and adoptive) and youth will talk about their experiences in the juvenile justice and/or child welfare system. The families will relay strategies that worked best for them, what their greatest struggles were, and what they needed most from those around them.