Bridging the Dependency Delinquency Gap

Maxine Henry, ESQ - CLS Statewide Training Deputy Director, Florida Department of Children and Families | Jill Adams, ESQ - Legal Trainer, Attorney Supervisor, Office of the Attorney General | Chris Lumpkin, ESQ - Senior Attorney, Office of the Attorney General

September 6, 2018

Training Description

Between 9 and 29 percent of dependent children cross over into delinquency court for the first time around 14 years of age. Delinquent or disruptive behavior can begin as early as 7 years of age. Cross over children may be permanently committed, previously closed permanent guardianship and now reopened, or with an APPLA goal. Work must begin early to identify the needs and services to guide these children to stable and productive adult lives. To do this, both the dependency and delinquency systems must work in tandem to maximize child development and family involvement. This workshop will explore the interplay between dependency and delinquency systems and how the dependency professionals can assist in bridging the gap and help the child to follow the right path to permanency and adulthood. Case studies to be discussed include mental health, disability, and placement.