Changing the Course: Pathways to Addiction Stabilization & Recovery for Families & Training Video

Alexandra Noel, MA CSAC NCC CADC - Licensed Professional Counselor, Children's Crisis Center of Hampton Roads | Katie Streeter, MA NCC - Behavioral Health Therapist, Children's Crisis Center of Hampton Roads

September 5, 2018

Training Description

While there is no single, correct course to substance abuse recovery, pathways exist that guide youth and their families towards stabilization. Many prejudices and stereotypes abound and perpetuate the fictional belief that attempts at recovery are futile for helping professionals, and relapse is inevitable. According to trends in substance abuse research, youth are at a disadvantage when compared to their adult counterparts in addiction stabilization and recovery using common, acute care models of intervention. Despite this, pathways exist using family systems therapy models and creating environments supportive of recovery. This workshop will utilize evidenced based practices to identify foundations for stabilization and recovery, examine youth recovery services that are age/developmentally appropriate, discuss steps and strategies for creating supportive change environments, and provide guidelines that are inclusive and family-focused.