2018 Child Protection Summit: Keeping Families Together: Integration of Child Welfare & Behavioral Health Training Video

Kristen Hopper, LCSW - Associate VP of Child Integrated Services, LifeStream Behavioral Center | Melinda Musick, BA CWCM-Sup - Quality Assurance Supervisor, LifeStream Behavioral Center | Ernest Jones - Director of Child Well Being, Impower

September 5, 2018

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Florida (Child Welfare Professional)

Training Description

Working with families who have unique sets of needs that cross multiple systems of care can be challenging. In this workshop session, the presenters will focus on the importance of the integrative approach to treating families and the integrating of behavioral health services within the child welfare system of care. LifeStream took the initiative to establish a child welfare integration director position to facilitate the integration process within the agency and bridge the gap between two systems. This initiative has led to strong alliances and problem solving among community partners. Workshop presenters will share supporting data and lessons learned from this initiative including barriers and challenges to this process, how to problem-solve as a team, and how to track progress. Attendees will receive practice tips on how to be creative when providing services to families, addressing the important role of specialty programs like the Family Intervention Services and the Family Connections Collaborative Programs.

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