2018 Child Protection Summit: Focus on Fathers to Improve Child Outcomes Training Video

Kay M. Doughty, MA M-CAP CCP - VP, Family and Community Services, Operation PAR, Inc. | Genevieve O' Donoghue, MPA M-CAP - Prevention Coordinator, Parenting Services, Operation PAR, Inc.

September 6, 2018

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Training Description

Does child welfare really focus on fathers? Our traditional child-caring systems primarily focus on engaging the mother of the child(ren) and pay minimum attention to the father’s involvement. More fathers want involvement with their children and children need and thrive with father involvement. Is there a way to encourage fathers’ emerging interest to be involved and affirm their father role? This workshop session presents a gender specific program focused on fathers and shares outreach strategies designed for fathers, engagement strategies and pitfalls, and evidence-based father-focused prevention strategies, their impact and outcomes.

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