Improving Child Welfare Outcomes Using System of Care Principles & Values

Gary Blau, PhD - Chief of Adolescent and Family Branch, Center for Mental Health Services | Steven Chapman, PhD - Projector Director, Children's System of Care Expansion & Sustainability, Florida Department of Children and Families | Ute Gazioch - Director of Substance Abuse & Mental Health, Florida Department of Children and Families | Brie Southall - Northwest Region, Professional Development & Training Supervisor | Melanie Stimmel - Central Region VP, FloridaFAPA | Amiracle Smith - Florida Youth | Tyquanda Jones - Florida Youth

September 6, 2018

Training Description

Florida has had many System of Care (SOC) grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) over the past twenty years. Currently there are seven System of Care (SOC) grants working in eleven circuits. State agencies, community stakeholders, families, and youth have come together to transform the children’s mental health system into a coordinated and integrated network of services and supports, with the goal of establishing SOC as the framework for Florida’s behavioral health system. This work is being done using the values and principles of System of Care, which are youth-guided, family-driven, community based, and culturally and linguistically competent. Children, families, and other caregivers benefit from implementation of these values which have been shown to improve outcomes. During the workshop, participants will hear from a panel of individuals, including the family and youth, who were involved in a dependency case where wraparound was provided.